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Welcome to BioChill, where innovation meets sustainability. Our flagship product, the insulating Recycool Liner™, is a breakthrough in cold-chain delivery. Committed to a net-zero packaging future, we've crafted a 100% curbside recyclable and 100% compostable product that not only replaces current solutions, but surpasses them in both quality and performance.

Our Point of Difference

The BioChill thermal solution gives companies a viable option to act and meet their green packaging targets. Demonstrating thermal performance that rivals that of polystyrene, the BioChill insulating solution has the following key advantages:

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Products and Services

Unlocking Sustainable Cold-Chain Solutions: Explore beyond traditional packaging with BioChill - we offer end-to-end cold-chain solutions tailored to your needs. From sustainable options to adaptable sizes, our Recycool Liner™ delivers versatility without compromise. Elevate your standards with our comprehensive testing services, ensuring your deliveries meet the highest benchmarks. BioChill isn't just a packaging company; we're your partner in sustainable, efficient cold-chain logistics.

Recycool Liner™

Discover the versatility of Recycool Liner™, available in small, medium, and large sizes. We'll tailor our solution to meet your specific needs, with options for both affordable metro delivery and a premium, thicker variant offering an extended 60 hours of cold-chain protection. Choose sustainability without compromise.

Testing Services

Compare Recycool Liner™ against current and alternative solutions with our rigorous testing procedures. Receive detailed analyses and reports, empowering you to make informed decisions. Opt for live testing on your delivery routes, and let us collaborate on an efficient and effective pack-out to achieve optimal results. At BioChill, we're not just providing a product; we're offering a complete solution.

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